Before your Class

What you'll need for your class...

What everybody will need:

•Government Issued Photo ID.

•Safety Glasses.

•Hearing protection.

•Your pistol (if you have one that you’re planning on carrying, bring that pistol, otherwise we may have other options for you).

•50 rounds of ammo for your pistol that you will be testing with.

Range Release Form filled out and signed.



Remember, your course fee will pay for your range fee but it does not include ammo. If you don’t have any ammo, you can buy some at the range. There are also renting options available.


Dress for the range:

•Close toed shoes.

•High Necked Shirts.

•Baseball Hat (Recommended).

•Long Sleeve Shirt (Recommended).


For the Permit to Carry Course, the total length of time it can take can be as long as 6 hours depending on class discussion. Please plan accordingly. If you want to take a scheduled lunch or dinner break we can certainly work out those details prior to class. Otherwise, bring something that you can snack on during class without being too disruptive. We will be taking periodical breaks through out the day.

For you ladies, please take 15 minutes to watch this video. It will give you a good idea on what to expect at the range.


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